Zoltán Lovas

In 2013, I tried a funcional training class at Budapest, where all my crossfit career started, altough did not not know yet, it will be a CrossFit career. After a half year, going 4-5 times a week combining this funcional training with thai boxing classes, I decided to move to Spain, where I changed my routine to long distance running during almost a year. The routine again converted to be boring, so I started to look for an other sport on Youtube. When I suddenly found the CrossFit Games which was going on live. It was a love at first sight. Next Monday I went to try a CrossFit class, and I directly signed up with an unlimited membership. Few months later I met with Lacee Kovacs, CrossFit Games athlete and I was really inspired by him. We started to work together and with his programming I changed the normal classes to an individual training. Since then, I am focusing on developing my skills and get better knowledge about CrossFit through participating on different seminars and training camps.

The story of Nexo CrossFit started at the Parque of Turia where I was giving funcional training classes during 4 years. I found something I love to do and can do it by passion. I love to see how people are developing, getting better and healthier. When someone comes to me after months saying that participating on the classes, changed his life, is the best feedback you can get. So we decided to open a CrossFit box to create a place where we can change people’s life. To get better, to get healthier, to leave bad habits, to heal from sicknesses and addictions, to letting go stress and not with less importance, to make new friends.

Qualifications and experience:

- Birdbox Coaching Development Course, 2022
- National Weightlifting Trainer Course Level 1, 2021
- CrossFit Level 2, 2021
- CrossFit Gymastics Course Level 1 / Advanced, 2019
- Weightlifting 101 Basics Seminar, 2019
- CrossFit Level 1, 2017
- Weightlifting 101 Training Camp, 2017
- KTS Training Camps, 2016 / 2017 / 2018
- 4 years of coaching of CrossTraining Valencia, open air funcional training
- Half-marathon (1:31:07), Marathon (3:37:00)
- 12 years of football