Toni Alvarado

After having practiced various different sports at a social level whilst growing up, my sporting career really began when I took up athletics, to which I dedicated many years. Here, I was able to build a base in my general athletic ability and later went on to specialise and compete in pole vault.

My passion for education and training led me to study a degree in sports and exercise science. It was at the time of studying that I realised I wanted to better understand other sporting specialities, so I took up triathlon and the sports involved. It wasn’t until a few years later that a friend recommended I try CrossFit and I gave it a go.

I found that I had come across almost all of the movements involved in CrossFit before in other sporting experiences but never in this way or with this intensity.

CrossFit was something that I saw myself becoming a big part of immediately as I could combine it well with my other sporting interests.

Qualifications and experience:

- Máster en Biomecánica a través de Resistance Instituye
- Máster en Educación Secundaria a través de Valencia International University
- CrossFit Level 1
- Entrenador de Atletismo nivel 3
- Entrenador de Triatlón de nivel 3
- Curso de formación especializado con Kettlebell - IRONCAST
- Desarrollo de la marca: Inner Strength
- Experiencia en el sector como entrenador personal, instructor de grupos y clases colectivas, formador de profesionales a través de Fivestars, manager, director técnico y headcoach a través de distintas instalaciones.