Carola Giordanetto

NEXO CrossFit Co-Owner and Nutritionist
Original from: Torino, Italy

Training, nutrition, history:
I started my career in Science of Physical Activity and Sport in Italy at the Universitá degli Studi di Torino. In my second year I got the opportunity to study in Spain thanks to an exchange project. That's how I came to Valencia. I started following the Nutrition course at the Catholic University of Valencia. I remember how each week I was hoping to return to classes to know more about food. My teacher’s great experience and knowledge made me fall in love with world of nutrition.

I became more and more interested in this subject and soon realized how important is to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. It was a friend who took me to my first CrossTraining class in Turia Park. It wasn’t at all the hardest training of my life. But I came back, maybe for the coach, maybe for the training ... who knows, but these classes literally changed my life. I remember that at the beginning I could not do a push up, I had no strength and this was what gave me more motivation. Set me a goal and get a result.

The coach, now my boyfriend, seeing my motivation, introduced me slowly to the world of CrossFit.

I fell in love with it for the first sight, every day a new challenge, wishing to learn something new, to find the best version of myself. Also, seeing that I am surrounded by people with the same intention and motivation, makes the whole thing even more enjoyable.

My studies allowed me to put my knowledge into practice, to establish the perfect balance between sport and nutrition. Being more strict, organized and focused about my eating habits, I realized how much benefits I can get: more energy in training and daily life, faster muscle recovery, a much better performance in every field of my life. It was amazing to see how everything I was studying until this moment began to take shape and came to reality, my reality.

At that time by using my knowledge I decided to help all the people with little confidence in the world of sport and nutrition. I wanted to prove them that following a healthy diet and doing regular practice of physical activity, everything is possible, with determination anything can be achieved.

I was already giving classes of CrossTraining Valencia when I started working in a physical therapy clinic, giving Funcional Training sessions to a group of high performance triathletes, at the same time taking care of their nutrition as well.

In NEXO CrossFit my ultimate goal is to reeducate and help people to improve their nutritional habits to obtain results and optimal performance.

Qualifications and experience:
- Master's Degree in Nutrition and Human Nutrition, June 2017
- Allergen Management Course, February 2017
- Degree in Science of Physical Activity and Sports, October 2016
- 1 year coaching of Functional Training and Rehabilitation, mainly of thriatlon athletes
- 2 years of coaching of CrossTraining Valencia

Favorite WOD: Fast and intense
Favorite lift: Heavy Snatch
Ninja Skill: ABS
Nemesis skill: Assault bike
Choice Cheat Food: Chocolate

When I am not CF-ing:
I return to practice what has been my passion for many years of my life: dancing