Designed for anyone new or less experienced to CrossFit. This program teaches the basic movements in a fun and safe environment. Taught in either a small group of max 12 people or as a series of one-on-one training sessions, participants will learn the fundamentals of CrossFit, which will prepare them to join in with our regular CrossFit program.

This is our regular daily CrossFit class. It lasts 60 minutes and there is a maximum of 12 people in each session. Every class will feature the same workout throughout the day, which will consist of a warm-up, practice of weightlifting or gymnastics, Workout of the Day (WOD), and cool down.

This is the right time to work on your weaknesses and improve your technique of the movements of weightlifting. They are basically the snatch and the clean and jerk, or also can be some complementary or strength exercise. Maximum of 6 people can participate on this class.

It is about improving your gymnastic skills and abilities, different bodyweight movements. The maximum attendees of one class is 6 people, allowing us to pay more attention on each individual. From beginners to advanced can participate.

It is a 2-hour session where you can use any equipment of the Box for that period of time. As there is no coaching during that time, it is recommended for competitors and athletes with longer CrossFit experience who can train on their own. You need to make sure you do not bother the on-going classes at the gym.