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"Eating well and doing sport is the best you can do for yourself"
  Carola Giordanetto

Our body is a machine, it could work perfectly ... we just need the right fuel.

A good diet and regular practice of physical activity is what allows us to stay healthy, with energy and assets in everyday life.
Also, knowing how to choose, measure and combine different foods at specific times of the day, has a positive influence on sports performance.

Through a body study, called anthropometry, it will be possible to measure circumferences, diameters and folds of each individual to be able to calculate the exact percentages of nutrients necessary to reach the goal, that is to lose, gain, convert or simply maintain body weight, To have energy in each workout, to improve sports performance and to assume healthy nutritional habits.

There are no miraculous foods or diets. If so, everyone would already have the perfect physical form. What often happens with those types of diets that promise immediate results, is a sudden loss of fluids. On the scale you may see your body weight decrease, but what you are really losing are liquids that you will gain in double quantity as soon as you return to your usual diet.

There is only one way to have a good diet, thought for you: measure your body, calculate the nutrients you need exactly and know how to combine throughout the day, to have energy before, during and after training and for rapid muscle recovery.

With the personal anthropometric study, you will not only have your eating plan, but will learn to eat, prepare your meals and combine foods, so you can change or improve your nutritional habits until you have a healthy lifestyle.

Eating well is not giving up. Eating well is learning to see food as a source of everyday energy, it is to vary, enjoy and educate yourself to a healthy diet.


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