Elia Navarro

NEXO CrossFit Coach
Originally From: Valencia, Spain

Training, history:
I train 5 days-per-week and one more day as active recovery, which usually includes some swimming and weaknesses practice.
All started 4 years ago more or less, when a good friend insisted that I should try a Crossfit class. It was not easy finally making it to the class, but once I did I totally fell in love and could't stop from that first moment on. After a few months I was invited to compete in weightlifting with the associated team from Valencia.
I decided later that this sport would become my life as an athlete and coach.

Qualifications and experience:
As a coach:
- Crossfit Level 1 Certificate, 2013
- Fitness and Weightlifting club coach, 2016
- Crossfit Judges Course 2015, 2016, 2017
- Personal trainer

As Weightlifter:
- 2nd place, Spain Senior Individuals at -58kg,  Spain 2014
- 3rd place, Spain Senior Individuals at -58kg, Spain 2016
- 3rd place, Spain Senior Individuals at -63kg, Spain 2017
- 4 consecutive years (2014/15/16/17) winning the Regionals Weightlifting cups from Valencia and achieving the best mark in each one of them

As a Crossfitter:
- 2nd place, I Open ciudad de Malaga, 2013
- 1st place, I Andaluci challenger, Sevilla 2013
- 1st place, Crossfit Valencia Games, Valencia 2013
- 4th place, Central Europe Throwdown, Bratislava 2014
- 3th place, Kings of Wod, Portugal 2014
- 4th place, French Throwdown, Paris 2014
- Open Crossfit Games athlete, 2015, finished 7th place in Europe
- European Regional Athlete, 2015, finished 10th
- 1st place, French Throwdown, 2015 Paris
- 1st place, Spanish Throwdown, 2015 Spain
- 1st place, Battle of the South, 2015 Portugal
- 3rd place, Wodwards Europe, 2015 Cyprus
- 3rd place, Kings of Wod, 2015 Rusia
- 1st place, Southern Warrior, 2016 Italy
- 1st place, Battle of Stars, 2016 Italy
- 1st place, Spanish Throwdown, 2016 Spain
- 2nd place, Alpha Games, 2016 France
- 3rd place, Fall Series, 2016 Italy
- 2nd place, Athens Throwdown, 2017 Atenas
- 1st place, Carpathian Games, 2017 Bratislava
- 1st place, master +35 Italian Showdown, 2017 Italy

Favorite wod: Amanda, my two favorite movements!!
Favorite lift: Heavy Snatches and Squats
Ninja skill: Ring Muscle ups
Nemesis skill: Burpees

Usually I weigh all my meals during the training week, even though I need at least one or two cheatmeals...
Since I started to train for competition and to take it as my lifestyle, I'm much more aware of the significance and the need of having a balanced diet.  In fact, I can confirm that an appropriate diet and good rest are the most important elements for an ideal performance.

Choice cheat food: Chocolate, Ice creams and Hamburgers

When I'm not CF-ing...
I love travelling, meeting people and doing other sports outdoors such as surfing, climbing, trekking.. I like spending time with my family and friends as well.

I coach because...
I really love helping people to reach what I have learnt in my short but intensive career in this sport. I'm really happy when someone fights to achieve something and I'm able to assist it and help them with that!! Every step makes me feel helpful and I really enjoy it. I also love when people try so hard to finish a workout and then afterwards they thank you for your coaching and your tips.
Besides that I like programming for competitors because I feel like I'm doing what I really love and live for!